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Interested in Industry Specific Reading Material?
Trade publications present the following benefits for both individuals and businesses that cannot otherwise be found in outside media sources:

  • Trade publications contain industry-specific job notices.
  • Trade publications provide a system of networking and communication among industry members and organizations.
  • Trade publications' content is generally written by respected, leading members of an industry.
  • Trade publications feature contributing writers and expert consultants who provide fresh insight and cross-disciplinary advice.
  • Trade publications act as an advertising marketplace for all goods and services within an industry.
  • Trade publications develop a sense of community among the members of a certain trade.

Check out the following publications to stay current:

Facilities Mangager Magazine - subscribe to receive a free bi-monthly printable magazine, as well as several other educational resource archives
BOMA Magazine - subscribe to receive a monthly printed publication ($50 member rate/ $75 non-member rate)
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